Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Unlike most web development companies, at Bugfusion Technology we maintain our own hosting infrastructure and domain registration system. This means that when your website is complete we can publish it online ourselves. It also means that any questions or problems arising after your website is in operation you can come straight to us - no complex arrangements, middle men or buck passes. Just give our support team a call and we will deal with it directly.

What exactly is 'Hosting' ?

'Hosting' is the service provided when someone makes your 'stuff' accessible to people on the Internet. Websites, email, domain names, databases and files are just some of the things that can be hosted on a web server and thereby made available on the Internet.

Most web servers are not much different to a powerful personal computer. The two most important things about a web server are the software that it runs (powerful and often expensive) and the speed of its Internet connection (reliable and very, very fast). When you connect to the web server from your computer, the server works out what files or information you want to see, then sends them to your computer.

Hosting with Bugfusion Technology

Hosting websites is not a side business of ours. We realized early on how important hosting was to a web design and development business. Many years ago, we outsourced our hosting to a sub-standard provider and the impact was enormous. Not to our provider, but to our business. We've learnt from this experience and have invested a lot in a stable, reliable and well-supported hosting infrastructure.

Benefits with Bugfusion Technology

  • Stable, reliable and well-supported hosting infrastructure.
  • Backed by largest hosting provider in India.
  • Pricing below the retail prices of that hosting provider 


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